ICEE2017, Kobe

Post Conference Activity

Dates: Saturday 18th – Monday 20th November 2017

Price: Approximately 45,000 JPY per person. This includes:

  1.     Travel

  2.     2 nights accommodation

•    3 sightseeing tours

•    Sunday and Monday breakfast

•    Sunday dinner

Capacity: 12 people max

Interested in coming? Please email Nicola Gerrett (

Brief overview

A 2 night, 3-day visit to explore some of Japans less travelled sightseeing destinations. We want to show you the traditional aspects of Japanese life and the natural beauty that encapsulates the country.

The 3-day trip will take us to northern Kyoto where we will visit the ionic ‘bridge to heaven’ where the sea, forest and mountains meet. We will visit a traditional fishing village (Ine) and sample some local cuisine. We will then head to our accommodation in the remote rural mountainous village of Miyama where we will spend 2 nights allowing us to explore the region by foot or bike. On our way back to Kobe we visit Kyoto’s Hozugawa River for a boat trip though the valleys of Kyoto’s mountain and finish in the famous Arashiyama district.

Detailed schedule

Saturday 18th November

Depart from Conference venue Saturday 18th around 9am via 2 hire cars. Drive approximately 2.5 hours to visit to Amano Hashidate in Kyoto prefecture and take the ropeway to the top of the mountain to view the beautiful pine covered sand bar across the bay. The area is known for its iconic view of the ‘bridge to heaven’ : There will be some free time to grab lunch.

After this we will drive to a beautiful traditional fishing village called Ine. We have organised a tour with a local guides who will show us the traditional boathouses of the region, their lifestyle and their trade:

Following this we will then drive to our accommodation at Miyama, a remote rural village in the mountains housing 200 traditional thatched roof farmhouses: .  The area is made up of small villages scattered along the narrow winding valleys through the mountains. We have arranged a special type of accommodation for two nights at Kajiksao Annex-thatched roof house ( _.  The rooms are very traditional with everyone staying on tatami mats and futons.

In the evening you will have time to explore the village, take a traditional Japanese onsen (hot thermal spa) and enjoy some local Japanese cuisine at your own leisure.

Sunday 19th November

After breakfast we have arranged a guided hike through Ashiu forest, which is preserved and managed by a research centre at Kyoto University. The forest is truly beautiful with numerous trees, plants and wildlife. For those not interested in the hike, the other option is to enjoy the local area (self guided), which we recommend to do so using rental bikes. (When booking please indicate
your preference).

In the evening there is time to freshen up at the onsen and enjoy a group dinner together in our accommodation. We will prepare a traditional Japanese winter dish called ‘Nabe’. Nabe is a hot pot dish where a variety of ingredient (fish, meat, many vegetables and noodles) are cooked together in a large hot pot (please inform us of any dietary requirements). 

Monday 20th November

After breakfast we will drive to Hozugawa-kudari and enjoy a 16km (2hour) journey on traditional fishing boats down Hozugawa River . The river has a mysterious aqua blue colour and is surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains. This season will be particularly beautiful as we can view the famous momiji leaves (red Japanese maple). The trip finishes in Arashiyama (  a famous sightseeing district in Kyoto with plenty of temples, shrines, Japanese gardens and the highly recommend bamboo forest. There will be free time for people to grab lunch and visit the area. We aim to leave around 5pm and arrive back in Kobe around 7pm. But please inform us if you have onward travel so we can make arrangements if necessary.

What’s not included?

•Souvenir shopping

•Lunch and dinner on Saturday

•Lunch on Monday

•Alcohol and additional drinks