ICEE2017, Kobe


The International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics attracts between 200-300 delegates from: Australia, Brazil, China, Canada, Eire, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK, USA... others!

Environmental Ergonomics concentrates on the interaction between the user and his or her physical environment. Most researchers in this area work on the borderline with sports science, human performance etc. and approach the topics from the physiological as well as psychological and physical side.

The topics covered during the conference include:

• The medical, physiological and psychological aspects of the responses to extreme

environments including altitude, heat, cold (air and water) and microgravity

• The medical and physiological aspects of the search, rescue and treatment of environmental injuries

• Performance in extreme environments

• Clothing science

• Manikins and modelling

• Environmental assessment

• Technological and physiological protection

• Military science

If you would like to sponsor ICEE2017 and be a part of the trade show we are offering the following:

1) Exhibition:                                                50,000 yen (1 booth for 5 days)

2) Advertisement in the program:       50,000 yen (1 page)

                                                                            30,000 yen (half page)

  1. 3)Sponsorship:                                            50,000 yen

Please email for more details.

Current sponsors

Kobe Active Aging Research Hub (KAARb), The Graduate School of Human Development and Environment at Kobe University.

Osaka International University

W.L. Gore and Associates supporting presenting students at ICEE 2017

The Uehara Memorial Foundation

Takei Scientific Instruments Co. Ltd.

Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

Zero C Seven

MIZUNO Corporation

Otsuka Pharmaceutial Co., Ltd

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory

NAP Publishing

Nivea KAO

Nissin  Sangyo

Kobe Convention & Visitors Association

Fuji Medical Science Co. Ltd.


Journal of  Physiological Anthropology

Kyokko Bussan Co., Ltd.


Thermetrics (USA)

Honda Research Institute Japan