ICEE2017, Kobe


Monday 13 November 2017

ng lecture

Historical Review of Environmental Physiology in Japan

Dr. Taketoshi Morimoto (Emeritus Professor, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine)

Aging Symposium: Aging in a Hotter World

Dr Larry Kenney (Penn State University, USA): Introduction and Statement to the problem

Dr Lacy Alaxendar (Penn State University, USA): Aging and Cutaneous Vasodilation

Dr Craig Crandall (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre, USA): Aging and Integrated Cardiovascular function to heat stress

Dr Yoshi Inoue (Osaka International University, Japan): Aging, Sweating and Sweat Gland Function

Dr Glen Kenny (Ottawa University, Canada): Environmental Factors Impacting Responses of Older individuals to heat

Speakers The scientific program in previous years has included the following topics:

  1. -Temperature regulation

  2. -Hypoxic environments

  3. -Microgravity

  4. -Water immersion

  5. -Occupational heat stress

  6. -Human health, aging and adaptation to a changing environment

  7. -Personal protective clothing

  8. -Thermal Manikins

  9. -Thermal modelling

  10. -Thermal perception and behavioral regulation

  11. -Thermal testing standards

  12. -Physiology and performance

  13. -Environmental ergonomics

  14. -Fluid and hydration

  15. -Cooling systems